No, this is not the beginning of a crime story. Rather, we would like to introduce you to a new product in the ipf portfolio. Our leakage detection device for compressed air. In process automation, the use of compressed air plays an essential role. At first glance, the production of this operating resource seems uncomplicated, but including the provision of this resource, it requires an expenditure of resources that should not be underestimated.

For example, compressed air must be available in a correspondingly pure form, i.e. filters must be used to clean the air (condensed water and particles) so that the system does not experience excessive wear. Nevertheless, wear and tear, but also damage, repeatedly lead to uncontrolled loss of system compressed air, which is noticeable by more or less loud hissing. Locating the leakage points of the compressed air was previously sometimes time-consuming and nerve-racking. However, the ipf leakage detector can provide considerable assistance in the search. Special microphone attachments, a headset and an integrated laser pointer allow the position of a leak to be precisely determined.

Since the leakage location in a system may not be easily accessible, there are various microphone attachments available to reach even inaccessible fault locations and thus identify them specifically. However, the leakage detector not only assists in troubleshooting, but also in checking and documenting the energy balance. For example, the measured values collected on site can be stored in the device with additional information, transferred to a PC, and software can be used to create complete documentation in the sense of energy management according to ISO 50001. The leakage detector is available as a set in a handy case with complete accessories under article number UY98E266 or as a single device under article number UY000001.


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