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With the SL870020, ipf electronic has a sensor in its portfolio that monitors compressed air consumption with high measuring accuracy. In addition, it is possible to retrofit the sensor into existing systems during operation and for device maintenance during operation.

At a suitable measuring location, with dry air and under consideration of the inlet/outlet section, only a flange with a G½” ball valve (retrofitted if necessary) is required. Then the sensor is screwed onto the ball valve, which is opened then. The system does not lose air at this point. Afterwards, only the clamping sleeve has to be loosened and the measuring head has to be pushed in until it is placed in the middle of the pipeline with the help of a scale.

Finally, the clamping sleeve is tightened again, which completes the installation. Now only the measuring results are missing. A Modbus RTU interface, a pulse output for counting or a 4-20mA analog output are available for this purpose. Thus, the entire information on air consumption can be easily processed in-house, so that you never lose track of the costs.

The solution portfolio is rounded off by a local consumption measurement system that reliably performs its service even in confined spaces: The sensors listed below have an internal flow straightener. Therefore they require no or in exceptional cases only a very short inlet and outlet distance.


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