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In plant and mechanical engineering, our own, future-oriented developments in hardware and software make motrona GmbH a competent partner for complex applications in industrial automation and drive technology.
Almost 40 years of market experience characterize motrona as a reliable specialist who will be happy to support you professionally at any time with your project planning and problem solving.
A modern production based on the highest quality standards, located in Germany, ensures the best possible availability and continuity.
motrona is internationally oriented and represented worldwide by competent and long-term sales partners.

Our services:

In addition to our extensive product portfolio of safety devices, digital indicators, motion controller and signal converters, motrona also offers customer-specific automation solutions according to your individual requirements.

Our product range:

safety: Doubly certified SIL3 / PLe and SIL2 / PLd safety relays (according to EN 61508, EN 62061 and EN ISO 13849-1) for the safe monitoring of motion sequences, for the protection of people and machines.
– Position monitoring
– Safe speed monitor (over-/underspeed)
– Safe direction of rotation and standstill

control: touchMATRIX® digital indicators for measuring and monitoring process data.

– Process indicators with analog input (flow meter, level meter, pressure meter, etc.)
– Electronic counters for frequencies up to 1 MHz (counter, position indicator, tachometer)
– Tachometer and frequency counter (piece / length detection, speed measurement, cycle time, timer)
– Combi indicators (Dual function indicator with function of simultaneously recording of speed and position)
– Strain gauge indicators (recording, processing and visualizing of measured values from strain gauges and force sensors)
– Position indicators for SSI absolute encoders / position indicators for transonic distance measurement through start-stop operation for absolute position transducers and magnetostrictive sensors (position, length, angle measurement)
– Fieldbus indicators („on-site“ display for Profinet, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP and CAN-Bus communication)
– IO-Link indicators for displaying two process data

motion: drive controller for multi-axis synchronization.

– Synchronization controller (electronic shaft or gear) with index or print mark control
– Rotary sheer (also tandem operation)
– Flying saw and on-the-fly machining
– Rotating eccentric scissors
– tubular bag machines
– Dispensing of labels, intermittent label printing

interface: Signal converters, signal and encoder distributors for maximum flexibility with extremely short conversion times and high cut-off frequency.

– Signal converter frequency / incremental (counter) / analog / serial / SSI / transonic
– Strain gauge measuring amplifier
– Level converter
– Signal splitter
– Frequency divider
– Fiber optic modules for incremental or SSI






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